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Artes por Todas Partes
(Arts Everywhere)

Artes por Todas Partes mural program started in 2006 by the initiative of Armando Gonzalez with the idea to bring art closer  to all by creating public art and generate communication opportunities between the artist and general community, especially elementary school students, their parents and teachers. The program grew fast with the help of local government, business Sister City committee, organizations and many artists. For the following years more than 3 K Sq. Meters were painted  turning gray walls into colorful art with many Saturday painting events. Soon after funds were raised to pay artists for bigger  and more professional murals. 

Together We Are A Stronger Humanity

Rosarito Mural Collage.png

“The art gallery in the school” 

Mexico is well known worldwide as a country with a big mural tradition, not only because  the famous post revolution artists like Diego Rivera, David Siqueiros and Jose Clemente  Orozco wish many of their works that still remain in our days. Also because these  traditions go back to prehispanic times and today there is an important movement that  promotes public art everywhere. 

In the small town of Rosarito there are many artist living and working here and when there  is a movie production at Baja Studios, artist from many parts of the world come to work  here. The idea of having more public art is in a way a statement of a vocation that is  becoming important in a city known as a tourist destination since the 1920´s. 

With the help of all levels of government, corporations, business owners, Sister City  association, artist, students, teachers and parents, back in 2007 / 2008, with the Arts  Everywhere we painted over 3K square meters in schools, parks and public buildings.  

Now we are back with the program because following the initiative of Ejido Mazatlan  Elementary School´s director Barbara Mejia where we will start this summer the first stage  and as a pilot that can be replicated in other schools. 

Main Objective 

To create a series of murals that will embellish the school while fostering positive values,  artistic expression and communications helping the students and people in the  surrounding areas get inspired, fill proud and open their imagination. 

Help us raise money to support the community, youth and families in Rosarito Mexico for brighter future with more love and unity.

Total Needed


Below is an itemized breakdown.

We are painting 4 murals and hosting one student work shop for this project.
Final inaugural event with art performances and video production is October 28th, 2022.
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Artist Jaime Carbo
will facilitate this mural
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Artist Ron Glaubitz 
will facilitate this mural
Jaime Carbó is a well know artist with public art in China, Greece, USA and Mexico, he works also as a graphic artist in the  film productions at Baja Studios 
Ron Glaubitz is a well known local artista who has created murals and has collectors in California and Mexico

Sponsor Art Supplies

For one Mural

Total Needed


Sponsor an Artist

For one Artist

Total Needed


Sponsor A Youth

For one Banner

Total Needed


Sponsor Art Media & Photography

For one Mural

Total Needed


Sponsor A Banner

For one Banner

Total Needed


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Artist Sol Mancilla
will facilitate this mural
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The wall in the front of the school, the student will paint in the workshop.
Sol Mancilla is an artist with a degree at UABC arts faculty and has some local murals including the one she created at the  Primo Tapia Library 
A 7-day workshop design to have the students paint an interior Wall with the help of an art teacher and 3 assistant artist
We Are One Foundation is more than INspired to be a part of this amazing project.

Each person and project on our partners list are Famili that stands together to create and support and greater and more loving tomorrow!