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Guiding A Brighter World

ErinNicole Photo.jpg

Erin Nicole


Born mountain-dwelling hippie, turned world-traveling, US Navy operations communications specialist, Erin’s passion for supporting the youth in us all began with her own struggles in school and being bullied. In adulthood, the struggle became physical. She was sick for many years before finding the healing that only self-love can bring.


Erin has degrees in business and health marketing communications. She is a disabled military veteran and is a practitioner in energy healing. She also owned a popular and unique salon for two decades in San Deigo and worked as a cosmetologist specializing in hair restoration. Erin was awarded a humanitarian award for a volunteer program she started for seniors which provided free haircuts to more than 100 people each month.


Erin has led branding, marketing, and special events for multiple global and nationwide social impact projects and non-profits (CAYS, Blue Ribbons Worldwide, Autism Tree Project Foundation). She is also a fun-loving, multicultural innovative educator. As a much-beloved teacher, she brought a "new wave" curriculum to the Perris County educational system.


Erin is a creative visionary at heart, creating crafts for kids and adults through her shop on Etsy called ‘TheFaeryShoppe.’ Her art is published in the book Blindsight: A Quantum Life In A Human World.  For Erin, creativity is what keeps her growing and what keeps her time balanced. She knows her mission at heart is to ignite the creative side in all of us.


Erin knows that TOGETHER we are stronger and that when we feel truly valued, supported, and ignited, the sky’s the limit!


Learn more about Erin and all her projects @ErinNicole.Love

Tory Ford Head Shot Youth Inspired.png

Tori Ford


Tori is an international artist and a co-producer for the kid’s show “A Play on Color.”  At only 20 years old, Tori has grown with the Youth Inspired team to find her own position within these inspired projects. In addition to this, Tori is a talented young photographer, showcasing her photographs in ‘All Points Magazine’ as well as in 6 art shows including one in Rosarito, Mexico. Tori hopes one day to take amazing pictures for National Geographic. She also is on her way to working as a cinematographer on a film and television set.


Tori was one of the first youth to build her platform and grow with Youth Inspired for the past 3 years. She is thankful for all of her mentors and is an amazing addition to our team. With Youth Inspired and We Are One Foundation, Tori has also volunteered her time with the ‘Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation’ which helping bring Christmas miracles to children at Loma Linda Medical Center in Southern California. She loves connecting and helping others, especially the ones who will one day be the future. There is power with our youth, and it is thanks to people on this team that she can learn to use her own power!


“Can't wait to connect with you and give you support through our Youth Inspired and We Are One Foundation Teams! Sending all good vibes!!” -Tori

Beth Photo.jpg

Beth Burgess


Beth has over 40 years of accounting and computer development experience. Her extensive background in IT Development/Management is accompanied by a degree in Accounting and Business Management.


 Prior to joining We are One Foundation, Beth managed the accounting department for a Solar and energy efficiency company in Connecticut for over 5 years. She also maintained the accounting and office management for 12 other companies for over 8 years. She has also been instrumental in developing and managing several key computer systems used by two major Insurance companies.


Beth maintains a core value system that surpasses most, using integrity and compassion in all that she does. She uses a management style that nurtures and encourages her staff to develop top-notch skills so they can be the best they can be.


Outside of work Beth loves to travel and was part of a military family growing up, living mostly overseas in Europe and the Far East. This has given her a deep appreciation for other cultures and allowed her to display the utmost diversity in the acceptance of others. Spiritually, Beth has developed a passion for energy healing and uses multiple modalities for healing others.

Faith Image.jpg

Faith K Lefever


Faith is an artist based out of Alma, CO. She is the co-creator of the kid’s show ‘A Play On Color,’ a board member of We Are One Foundation, as well as the COO and a guide team member of Youth Inspired. 


Being a guide team member, Faith is here to support, create, and help build dreams. She excels at creating spaces for imagination and teaching those interested in any art medium. Faith's background provides experience in many different creative fields and artistic techniques. She has a natural way of teaching art skills, visual expression, and authenticity in your individual style.


Faith also plays a major role with the ‘PCCA’ nonprofit organization for artists in Colorado. She’s a published writer, a mother, and a wife which gives her the drive to support the passions and creativity for all youth and parents.

Rose Lee Photo WAOF.JPG

Rose Lee


BFA, ME, PhD, TEFL/TESOL, Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master

We Are One Foundation, Founder, Past President, Honorary Director


Currently splitting her time between Southern California and Rosarito Beach, Mexico, teaching Yoga, Reiki, and Meditation classes, Rose Lee has enjoyed teaching all ages from K-12th grades, Jr. College, and adults. She has studied, lived, and worked in Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Italy, India, Bali, New York, St. Louis, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, where her educational background has served a diverse client base for more than 15 years.

In addition, Ms. Lee has over 20 years of experience in marketing, public relations, volunteering, and working with nonprofit organizations. From concept to delivery, she provided development and production of large city and nationwide events for major corporations as well as fundraisers for high-profile charities. Rose Lee also produced successful philanthropic events for Frank Sinatra, Julio Iglesias, Sammy Davis Jr., and many others. Rose Lee is the creator of two children’s charities as well as the nonprofit 501c3 We Are One Foundation.

For over ten years Ms. Lee worked in the entertainment industry as a manager representing writers, directors, and actors (most notable Halle Berry). She spent countless hours interfacing with agents, publicists, business managers, and producers. She was involved in the development and procurement of scripts for feature films, television pilots/series, and movies of the week, resulting in Oscar and Emmy Awards for her clients.

Just a few of her many awards include the California Teachers Gold Award, Woman of the Year, Governors Award for Excellence in Civic Contribution, Rotarian of the Year, Woman of Achievement, and Most Inspirational Teacher.


Rose Lee recently returned from Thailand where she taught English, Math, and Art for 8 years in public and private schools. She says she is thrilled to see We Are One Foundation bring forth exciting new developments in education.

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