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We Are One Foundation creates & supports projects that are solutions for a stronger tomorrow. Youth empowerment in support of anxiety and stress relief.

Our goal is to change the way the world looks at education while providing practical support to youth around the world.


These are the projects supporting solutions for a strong tomorrow

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Welcoming a New Project!

Wellness rooted in harmony with nature

Rhizome Revival Circle Logo-2.png
The Rhizome Revival project is on a mission to Develop a community education space that models & promotes environmental stewardship, responsible consumerism, holistic health & wellness, and the empowerment of future generations.
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The Indoor Kids

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A Farmington Missouri creation providing artistic events & educational opportunities that enrich community wellness through radical inclusivity and revolutionary love in a secular environment.

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Inspired Experiences

Events & Creativity

Youth Inspired IN Logo (1).png

Our goal is to INspire youth with their own strength, creativity and power with a lifetime tool box full of all the things needed to live stress free and happy.


Discovering, uncovering and INspiring the best and brightest sides of each INdividual through creativity, movement, play and games!

We curate and host content that supports and collaborates with communities creating experiences allowing youth to capture and embrace their expression and voice with confidence. 

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Bedtime Imagination Circle-2.png

Bedtime Imagination Game is unlike anything else. 

More than a scientifically effective lullaby, it soothes, entertains, and inspires, delivering peaceful sleep you can count on.

"...she is not only asleep before the music is over, BUT has started getting up on her own, ready to go in the morning... and her imagination has really taken off!"

A Mom 

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Lil Skool Circle logo trans image.png

Changing the way the world looks at education while providing practical support where it's missing in schools today.

Lil Skool is Social, Emotional, & Personal Platform for Learning Life Skills Through Fun, Interactive Activities That Children & Parents Will Love! 

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Youth Enrichment in the arts
Rosarito Mexico

FORC circle logo trans.png

Join in the fun with our new Aquaponics program! Help us bring more opportunities into schools in Mexico!


The community in Rosarito Mexico are coming together to help support more sustainable living fundamentals for their youth!

Click below t o find out more about this amazing project breaking ground!

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Parent Support

Mother Trees circle image.png

Our parents are so important to what the world of tomorrow looks like. Mother Trees is a space for a mom with kids or someone that is creating a business or program baby or even that has a heart to breathe love into the new world! The more support, tools and love we can give and come together as a tribe for our 'Parent's' the better world it will  be.  A weekly group that has every mom feeling inspired and capable of the road ahead.

Together we are stronger.

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GUide Team

We Are One Famili Logo.png

The Famili is our Guide program where we provide an individualized support experience to insure the highest support and success for every student and parent.

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Sustainability in

Poom Loom circle logo trans.png

Poom Loom connects Laotian college students with rural villagers to address community needs through sustainable development, education, and income generation intiviatives focusing on the preservation of Laotion culture

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Play On Color Banner.png

Kids TV Show

The show is interactive and playful giving tools to help us feel and understand our emotions while we learn about our spiritual body and energies all around us. Captivation and learning for everyone in the family!! 

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